GET4X provides a one-stop mobile/desktop application giving you instantly the best rates and the best places to exchange your money in a country (and not only the Yahoo!, Reuters or XE global market rate - which does not tell you how much you get in real life).

Every day millions of people travel and need to exchange their home currency into their destination currency and vice versa. As we are frequent travelers, we have always found it a hassle to compare the rates of moneychangers either at the airport or in town. Between the commissions, the four decimals, the buy/sell and the constantly fluctuating rates, there is one thing sure: customers make non-optimized decisions at their expense because they lack information both in quantity and in quality. GET4X aims at solving those problems.

GET4X is not a trading platform. GET4X only wishes to put people and moneychangers in touch. Through GET4X, there is no legal obligation for each party to perform a transaction after a customer has expressed his intention to exchange currencies with a moneychanger. However, GET4X is based on trust and confidence and closely monitors unworthy behaviors for the community's benefits.

Last but not least, GET4X is all free and free for all !!!

We sincerely hope you will enjoy GET4X. If you have any idea or comment, please drop us a line at feedback@get4x.com , we would love to hear from you.


GET4X investors are experienced individuals with various backgrounds in Consulting, IT and/or banking.

We welcome new investors to expand our business vertically, horizontally and/or geographically. We have more disruptive ideas in our pockets... If you want to explore opportunities, please contact us at investors@get4x.com and we will get back to you.


Our users and moneychangers praise GET4X for its simplicity and efficiency. Because innovation and the user-experience continuous improvement are both in our DNA, we always look for new talents. Individuals we love have an entrepreneurial mindset and high standards of self-expectation. We work hard, party hard and pay market rates plus competitive stock options plans.

Country/Regional head (worldwide):

You are accountable for your country/region's P&L. You are autonomous in building your team, your network of money changer partners and make GET4X well known and widely used in your area. You have at least 2 years experience in running a small, medium or big team and you are keen in innovation and mobile apps.

Account executives (Singapore and Worldwide):

You are accountable for building a network of moneychanger partners of GET4X and maintaining good relationships with them. You are comfortable in people facing and meeting, have a strong empathy and are service oriented. For successful people, the position can quickly evolve to a Country/Regional head position.

Marketing manager (Singapore):

You are accountable for making GET4X widely known and adopted by the public through your marketing, advertising and PR initiatives. This position requires highly autonomous and self-starting individuals. A previous relevant B2C marketing in mobile apps/services is a plus.

If you like GET4X and think you can make a difference, please explain us why in a short email and send your resume at mailto:jobs@get4x.com